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Buddhist Temple

Project Summary:

Provide and Install three 50,000 liter Fire suppression tanks.

This case study centers on the design and installation of three 50,000 liter fire suppression tanks that will be utilized at a Buddhist temple site that is 500 plus acres in size.

Newmarket PreCast Solutions:



Initially, when realizing that this particular job site is over 500 acres in size we assessed that delivering and installing the 3-50,000 liter tanks would not be too difficult. This site while large has some definite issues that needed to be dealt with:



The first and most obvious hurdle was the language/communication barrier. This is a job site for a Buddhist temple, so the large majority of people on this site were primarily Chinese and spoke mandarin not English. This made talking about logistics,time of delivery, installation of the pieces, and management of man power hard to confirm.


Other sub trades

Our next difficulty with this site arose from its sheer size and number of sub trades wanting to get their specific work completed, while getting in the way of ours.


Site conditions

To complete this project, we needed to get 3-48’ flat beds up a narrow road covered in ice and snow. Then get them turned around so they would be able to back up, going up hill and around a bend to their designated off loading zone in front of the 250 ton crane.

The Solution

The Newmarket team managed to successfully deliver in a timely manner while ensuring sub trades could continue their work.

On the day of installation a short site meeting was conducted with the Buddhist temple site manager. Which was not easy, trying to find terms we both understood. We discussed the maneuvers the trucks would need to do to get the flat beds angled correctly and close enough for the crane to hoist both pieces off the flat bed. In total 6 pieces would be hoisted off the flat beds this day. The heaviest pieces would come in at a weight of 45,000 lbs (20,400kg) each so it was crucial to get the trucks as close as possible. The first truck arrived and there were 2 stone slingers on the road our truck needed. This site is such a large size it is easy for sub contractors to get in your way without even realizing. There would be no chance of success if the trucks stopped half way up the hill for these stone slingers. The amount of torque needed to get moving again would be too much for the traction that was available on the snow/ice packed road. As the slingers were cleared out, the trucks started arriving and driving up the long hill maneuvering into position.

With our plan in place, off loading began in earnest. The first truck had no issues getting into place, while the following 2 trucks were not so lucky. The sheer weight of the concrete pieces were definitely working against us. With Ingenuity and teamwork between Newmarket Precast and the crane crew, slowly each obstacle was overcome. By the end of the day, with the bright, crisp, and extremely cold but clear sunlight 3-50,000 liter fire suppression tanks were installed.

What our client said

It is important to take care of the customer in these situations and that's what they did

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