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Looking back 60+ years

1960: Started with two men

Leo with family knowledge of concrete, was manufacturing concrete products and well castings out of his garage in Holland Landing. Leo continued to manufacture concrete products until, through his hard work, he could afford a commercial property on Davis Drive in Newmarket and expanded his business to Septic Tanks and small concrete products.

Roy at that time, had an excavation and well digging company with extensive knowledge in the installation of concrete products.

1970: A new partnership defines a new approach

Leo Spiering, who was leaving Canada to return to Holland with his family, approached Roy with the offer to purchase Newmarket Precast, to which Roy agreed.

Up to this point Roy had been on the retail purchasing end of the Pre-Cast concrete business, and was frustrated that septic tank manufacturers would tell you when you could get your tanks delivered, not when you actually needed them.

This was understandably a weakness in the industry that could be turned into an opportunity, and this was when Roy decided to make a deal with Leo to become the owner of Newmarket Pre-cast. Right from the start, Roy decided to take a different approach with his customers asking himself, “what does the customer want?”

In turn he cooperated with them, having their orders delivered with their timelines considered, which resulted in Newmarket Precast having an edge on the competition.

1974: Grounded values stems deep family roots

Roy moved his family to live in a house located on the grounds of the Newmarket plant. This allowed him to be available to his customers – early mornings and on weekends. This also was when Brian, Roy’s oldest son started working for the company at the young age of 14.

1975: Newmarket Expands to the town of Minden

Newmarket Pre-cast expanded into the town of Minden. A piece of property was purchased and subsequently run by a retired OPP officer. This allowed Newmarket Pre-Cast an opportunity to help customers in an area with little options, which ended up working favourably for the company, resulting in the Newmarket location making additional products to accommodate the company’s growth.

1982: Uxbridge Concrete is purchased

Roy purchased Uxbridge Concrete located at 20 Victoria Street N in Uxbridge and entrusted his son Brian at the age of 22 to run this location. The company made tanks and steps at the Newmarket location, blocks and well tile in Uxbridge and both supplied product to the Minden location.

1987: Newmarket moves to larger Uxbridge Plant

A decision was made to sell the Newmarket plant and move all production to the larger Uxbridge Plant. This subsequent move resulted in an increase of 28, 500 sq ft of production space which at the time was sorely needed.

1997: New millennium, new generation of decision making

Roy had decided that this would be the year he would retire. So Brian and his brother stepped in and started managing the company. The second generation of the Weddell family running Newmarket Pre-cast had now begun.

As the new millennium settled in, some major decisions were made. The sale of the block machine was to start it off and part of the plant had been designated as new office space.

2003: Next generation construction complete

Construction was completed by 2003, housing the whole company finally under one roof. The other notable upgrade was in the purchase of a state-of-the-art Teka concrete mixer, that we still use today.

2012: Then and Tomorrow

On March 9, 2012, Roy Weddel passed away in his favourite place, his beloved winter house in Big Whale Cay, Bahamas.

Many things have changed since Roy’s passing. The third generation of Weddels have become a fully active crucial part of Newmarket Pre-cast with the addition of Ryan. A New state of the art automation batching system, a 5,500 sq foot addition with a second 10 ton overhead crane giving us the capabilities to pour even our biggest products in a controlled indoor environment.

2022: Expanding

In May of 2022 Brian Weddel and his son Ryan decided to expand the business. They opened a Huntsville Depot to better server our Northern Customers and to keep up with demand.



Looking back through the past 60 plus years, Newmarket Pre-Cast is proud to continue to be a family run business serving our customers with integrity and quality products, along with the continues mindset of:

“...what does the customer want?”