Model 3078 Oil & Grease Interceptor 1 Piece, 3 Compartment *

  • Pre-cast interceptor is delivered as a one piece unit.
  • Individual access lids to each compartment for cleanout.
  • Three compartments separate water from any insoluble liquid or solids having a specific gravity less than that of water.
  • Unit must be vented in regulation with plumbing codes.
  • Tanks are cast with 35 MPA strength concrete at 7 days with 5-7% air.
  • Fiber reinforced.
  • Interceptors are used to prevent oil waste from entering the sanitary sewer system.
All Measurements in mm


  • Description
Note :
  1. 100mm (4”) flow through pipes extending 600mm down.
  2. Standard 3 100mm inlets and 1 outlet baffle consists of 100mm tee and 100mm pipe (710mm in length) that is readily adaptable for filter.
  3. Cast in place 610mm ID plastic risers with plastic lid secured with stainless steel fasteners extending 100mm above top of tank.