* CPA Certified.
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  • 18000 Litres Septic Tank 2 Piece
  • Top Half Weight : 7,705 Kg (16,986 Lbs)
  • Bottom Half Weight :7,470 kg (16,469 Lbs)
  • Total : 15,175 Kg (33,455 Lbs)
  • Working Capacity : 18,398 Litres (4,047 IG)


All Measurements in mm


  • Description
This tank design is installed in multiple units. 
  • Each unit is tongue and groove design and is sealed with a fibrous mastic sealant
  • Tanks are cast with 45 MPA strength concrete at 7 days with 5-7% air
  • Steel reinforced with 10m rebar, spaced at 400mm in each direction at 25mm cover
  • Rebar Cover 25mm, Can/CSA-G30.18
  • Tanks conform to National Standard of Canada CAN/CSA B66-16
  • Non-sulphate resistant concrete
  • Chamber divider monolithically cast in with structure
  • Standard three 100mm Inlets and one 100mm Outlet with filter that meets building code

1. Two 105mm x 150mm partition flow through
2. Concrete inlet baffle is pre-fitted to accommodate three
    100mm flexible rubber connections
3. Outlet contains one 100mm flexible rubber connection
    fitted with Tuf-tite EF-6 Effluent Filter
4. Cast in place 610mm ID Tuf-tite riser with dome lid secured
    with stainless steel fasteners extending 70mm above top