• Model 4500 Septic W/1350 Pumping Chamber
  • Base Weight : 4837 kg
  • Lid Weight : 1418 kg
  • Total Unit Weight :6255 kg
  • Working Capacity : 4516 Litres
All Measurements in mm


  • Description
  • Design shown is a one piece unit. The top is sealed with a fibrous mastic sealant.
  • Steel reinforced with 10m Rebar and fibre.
  • Tanks conform to National Standards of Canada CAN/CSA B66-10.
  • 1 piece 4500Lt septic tank with a 1350 lt pumping chamber monolithically cast with structure
Note :
  1. Two 100 X 150 partition flows through
  2. Concrete inlet bafffle is prefitted to accommodate 3 - 100mm inlets fitted with rubber connections.
  3. 100mm outlet fitted with filter that meets Ontario Building Code. Pump chamber oulet fitted with 50mm rubber fitting
  4. Cast in place 610mm ID. plastic risers with plastic lid secured with stainless steel fasteners extending 100mm above top of tank.
  • Specialty conformation may be possible.