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Purpose of Sea Wall
  • SEA WALL Stops the destruction and resulting loss in land value by halting land erosion caused by rain, rivers, lakes and oceans.
  • SEA WALL can reclaim land that has been eroded inyears gone by.
  • SEA WALL can be used to build reliable permanent docks for pleasure or industrial boat service.


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Features of Sea Wall
  • ECONOMY - money can be saved by the dry method of construction rather than the use of the costly wet pour method.
  • INSTALLATION - Time is saved by not having to construct and remove expensive wet pour forms. Sea Wall can even be installed under water without special equipment.
  • FLEXIBILITY - The modular design and optional block-offs leave no limitations on where and how Sea Wall can be used.
  • STRENGTH - Sea Wall has the ability to flex as it settles, rather than crack as poured concrete would For this reason it retains its original strength, indefinitely.
  • PERMANENCE - Sea Wall's permanence rivals nature itself. It will stay where it is placed unless you decide to remove it.
  • ARCHITECTURE - There are many architectural possibilities for Sea Wall in dry land applications. Even the appearance can be enhanced by designs being added to the form.