Model 6100 Holding 1 Piece Unit

Model 6100L Holding Tank 1-Piece

Bare Base Weight 4290 Kg  (9,457 Lbs)

Lid Weight 1550 Kg   (3,417 Lbs)

Total Tank Weight 5840 Kg   (12,874 Lbs)

Working Capacity : 6229 Litres

All Measurements in mm


  • Description
  • Design shown is a one piece unit. The top is sealed with a fibrous mastic sealant.
  • Steel reinforced with 10m Rebar and fibre.
  • Tanks conform to National Standards of Canada CAN/CSA B66-10.
Note :
  1. 75mm diameter PVC pipe cast in to facilitate pump installation or venting.
  2. Standard 3 100mm inlets and a 100mm outlet fitted with flexible rubber connections.
  3. Cast in place 610mm ID. plastic risers with plastic lid secured with stainless steel fasteners extending 100mm above top of tank.
  • Specialty conformation may be possible.