Miscellaneous Products


Newmarket Precast stocks the following Products:


Drainage-Flex pipe   4” with sock & solid
    6” with sock & solid
Poly pipe (75 PSI)   1 1/2”
Sch40   3/4"
    1 1/2"
PVC   3" Perforated & Solid
    4" Perforated & Solid
    6" Solid
CSA   4" Solid
    6" Solid

Septic Leaching Chambers:

Infiltrator equalizer 36 (Q4EQ36)   22”x53”x12”
Infiltrator equalizer 36   End caps
Infiltrator equalizer 24 (Q4EQ24HD)  


Infiltrator equalizer 24   End caps

Filter Cloth:

24” Wide rolls   200’ length
38” Wide rolls   200’ length
24” Wide rolls   1500’ length
72” Wide rolls   1500’ length
“Terregrid” u-200 .12’ Wide rolls   225’ length
“Terratex” sd. 5’ Wide rolls   360’ length

Effluent Pumps:

“Liberty” pump   1/3 horse power
“Liberty” pump   1/2 horse power

Liquid Level Alarms:

“BII” Liquid Level alarm   50’ cord length
“BII” Liquid Level alarm   30’ cord length
“Bill” Liquid level alarm   20’ cord length

Balancing Control Panels:

"Aquaworx Simplex   Control panel
“Aquaworx” Duplex   Control panel
“Aquaworx” Transducer cable   40’ cable length
SJE Rhombus Simplex    Control panel
SJE Rhombus Duplex   Control panel
Rhombus Floats External weight   50’ cable length
Rhombus Floats External weight   30’ cable length
Float Bracket    

Septic Tank Filters:

“Tuf-tite” combo   Model EF-4
    Model EF-6



Model A-300




Model PL-525

    Model EF-6

Plastic Tanks:

Pumping chamber RMT-300-1P   1136 Lts capacity
Septic tank Model RMT-1060-2P   4012 Lts capacity
Septic tank Model RMt-1500-2P   5678 Lts. capacity

Standard Tank Tops (concrete)
  675 Lts. up to 9000 Lts. tanks

Tank Lids (concrete)

Square lids   19”x19”
Round lids   23” Dia.

Fuel Tank Slabs & Footing Pads:

Fuel Tank Slabs   3’x12”x4” high
Fuel Tank Slabs   4’x12”x4” high
Footing pads   16”x16”x3.5” high

Parking Curbs:

Curbs   6’x6”x6” high
Curbs   8’x11”x6” high
Curbs   8’x12”x8” high
Curb Pins