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Model 50 – Precast Concrete Utility/Storage Sheds

Model 50 – Precast Concrete Utility/Storage Sheds

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    • Over 50 sq. ft. (over 315 Cubic feet)

    • Unit weight of 12000Lbs (6365Kg)

    • 108" long x 81" wide x 84" high

    • No footing or Foundation Required

    1. No footing or foundation requirements - can be placed in many environments with a minimum of site preparation.
    2. Water-proofed construction - joint is sealed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
    3. Reinforced precast concrete construction requires no external/internal maintenance, however may be paintedor stained to suit.
    4. Vandal resistant - steel plate access door with weather protected dead-bolt lock and tamper-proof hinges.
    5. Spill-proof - door barrier available for chemicals and sprays.
    1. Agriculture / Industrial / Construction - storage of hazardous chemicals, fertilizers, paints, explosives, tools and equipment.
    2. Hydro/Telephone - provides remote security for relay stations, sub-stations, lighting / power facilities plus miscellaneous storage for materials and equipment.
    3. Public Facilities - ideal storage space for lawn mowers, environmentally hazardous chemicals. Can be used at schools, public /private parks, marinas, golf courses and other recreational facilities.
    4. Residential - storage space for garden tools and equipment. Ideal for pool shed / change room.

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